Actors will choose two contrasting pieces showing a range of ability. Actors may work alone or with a partner. The entire class will simulate various kinds of audition situations, especially those which challenge the actor's capability of staying focused under trying conditions. Ways of overcoming stage fright and remaining relaxed under stress will be suggested and explored. At the final session participants will "audition" before an audience of "guest directors" made up of classmates.


These are two-day workshops suitable for those with no acting experience, as well as for professional and semi-professional actors.

  1. SHAKESPEARE'S TAKE ON LOVE: From mere infatuation to a love to die for --- Shakespeare's characters run the gamut. Most succumb, some deny, some even foreswear love altogether. As always, Shakespeare tells you why. You'll follow the clues he gives.

  2. SHAKESPEARE'S TAKE ON AGING: The delights and terrors of aging are well documented in both plays and sonnets. You will explore the various adjustments his characters make to the aging process as you examine your own thoughts on aging.

  3. SHAKESPEARE'S TAKE ON HUMAN NATURE: There are nearly a thousand characters in Shakespeare's plays. With no two characters exactly alike, what is it, other than our physical appearance, that identifies us as members of the human species? We will try to discern what Shakespeare believed defines us as human beings.​​


Each actor may choose a favorite speech or scene from Shakespeare, or one will be assigned. Participants will analyze the text and develop a character for performance at the final session before invited guests. The special requirements of speaking verse clearly without sacrificing truth will be explored and practiced. Ms. Egan may also assign material to particular actors to strengthen their technique or broaden their range. Matters of style, in both traditional and contemporary productions of the plays, will be explored.​


Actors who have had basic training and some experience in live production will explore characterization, both regular and heightened (as in farce or satire), insanity, dialects, physical impairment, planned accidents and other areas of interest, including extremes of age and the choice and use of props that aid the character. At the final session, participants will show their most successful work to an audience of invited guests.

Egan Seminar and Workshop Descriptions



Singers will bring a song or aria and analyze it for circumstances, character and style. Participants must bring an accompanist or recorded accompaniment and a copy of the score for Ms. Egan. Singers will discuss their interpretation with the class. The integrity of the music and avoiding its distortion by the acting are key elements. At the final session, the action will be staged and appropriately costumed for performance before an audience of invited guests. A small keyboard is available in the studio to participants.